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We exchange within 14 days.

We value your satisfaction. If you have any enquiries on the product, please contact us.  Main Contact Support Line: +603-61426037 (Monday to Friday 9am-6pm)  Contact Support Email:

Refunds and Returns Policy

Requirements for a valid return

If the item is break / spoilt when you receive, you may return it as long as your item meets the following criteria:

·  Contact Secret Garden within three(3) days informing the defects

· Must ship back the defect item within seven(7) days from the receive date, unless otherwise stated in the product description

· The item is in its ORIGINAL packaging, with all accessories intact (including manuals, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity, tags, etc.)

· If the item came with a free promotional item, the free item must also be returned


Reasons for returns

Please be guided by the following table and notify Secret Garden reasons for returns




Damaged upon delivery


Does not work according to manufacturer specification

Incorrect/wrong item

Not the product the customer ordered (includes wrong size and wrong color)

Missing items/parts

Missing items/parts as indicated in the packaging

Website error

Item does not match website specifications, description, or image, and issue is attributable to a website error/misinformation



Refund and Replacement will not be provided shall

· You did not contact Secret Garden within three(3) days informing the defects

·  Did not ship back the defect item within seven(7) days from the receive date, unless otherwise stated in the product description

· Address given by sender is wrong or incomplete, and orders could not be sent.

· Recipient is not at home / office at time of delivery and no contact number is given or contact number given is not reachable.

· The recipient has moved house or office and cannot be contacted.

· The recipient refuses to accept the item from the sender.

· The recipient stays in condominium and the guard does not allow driver to go in and does not want to receive on behalf.


How refunds and returns are processed

Please send back the defect items to

The Secret Garden 

CT-01-13 Corporate Tower, 

Subang Square, 

Jalan SS 15/ 4B, 

47500 Subang Jaya, 

Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: +6011-26617140 


And provide us your tracking number. Secret Garden will then notify you when we receive your return and arrange to ship another new item after receiving the product. Refund will be offer if the product you previously order is no longer in stock or are all in defect.


All refund will be dealt on a case by case basis. Secret Garden will notify you once your replacement or refund is processed.



Refund Methods

Your refund will be processed according to the following table:

Payment Method (at the time of purchase)

Refund Method

Processing Time (after return has been evaluated)

Credit card

Credit card reimbursement/Gift voucher

5-15 business days

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer/Gift voucher

3-5 business days

Gift voucher

Gift voucher

1 business day


For bank transfers, please make sure you indicate bank deposit as your preference and supply the required information

1)    Account holder name

2)    Account number

3)    Bank name

4)    Bank location/branch

5)    Type of account